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Four Rivers Dementia Alliance

The Communities We Serve

Click on your Parish or Town Council to visit its website and find out what it is offering in terms of information and possible support:

Area Map

Map of the area covered by the Four Rivers Dementia Alliance which includes Ivybridge Town Council and the parish councils listed opposite.

Julia Bertram: Cornwood Parish Council

"Until invited to join the Four Rivers Dementia Alliance, Cornwood Parish Council was unaware of how we could make simple changes to how we approached everyday tasks.  All our public signage has been changed to 'Best Practise' yellow with Arial font and all notices in the parish information boards are displayed to be read without confusion."

Victor Abbot: Ivybridge Town Council

"I have volunteered as Ivybridge Town Council’s link to crystallise the concept of Ivybridge as a Dementia Friendly Town. I am working with the Four Rivers Dementia Alliance resources."

Four Rivers Dementia Alliance Logo

Small steps make a big difference for people living with dementia and their families, carers and communities